DepressionDiaries: Horror game nightmare

I just woke up from, I think, the strangest nightmare I’ve ever had. I was dreaming that I was in this game and I knew it was a game because I had watched a couple of youtubers play it in my dream but I was actually in the game.

It was this big house and I’d been taken hostage by this skeleton man. I had to go through the house and interact with all these ghosts that haunted the place if I died in the game I would see a static screen. There were no jumpscares or anything, it was just really creepy.

The next thing I know is I’m watching youtubers play the game to see how they got through it. There is this scene where you wake up in your “home” and everything seems fine until the parents turn into a couple of the creepy creatures from earlier in the game. Static Screen. Game Over.

I  should probably stop eating so much cheese.

It’s not the first time I’ve dreamt about ghosts though I once dreamt that I was lost in this mansion and I approached two people for help they grab a hand of mine each and pull me down with them through the floor. I also dreamt that I was being chased by a ghost and that I had magic powers but they weren’t working on the ghost or the locked door I was trying to get through. I don’t know what these dreams mean if they mean anything but I think I’ll stay away from horror games for now…


Song of the day:  Nightmare by Set It Off


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