DepressionDiaries: A Weekend Away

This weekend (Friday-Sunday) I’m going away on holiday with my dad, his girlfriend and my half brother. I’m looking forward to it, a new place to explore, new activities to try and a break from my everyday life.

I’m hoping that this weekend will help me clear my head a bit so I can  return with the mind set to do chores and return to work. Not really looking forward to staying with my dad’s girlfriend and my half brother (The girlfriend is quite the b*tch and my half brother can be rather aggressive) I’m hoping to avoid being alone with either of those two without my dad around. The last thing I need is my brother hitting me and the girlfriend making snide remarks about me as a “joke” (I don’t really talk to her nowadays anyway so avoiding her should be simple)

I’m probably  going to take my camera to takes shots of the place while exploring. I’m going to try not to use internet during this weekend so you probably won’t hear from me for those three days instead I plan to read and try to relax and enjoy the new environment this weekend.



Song of the day: Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez


4 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: A Weekend Away

  1. thatblognooneknows says:

    A little weekend adventure can be great for your mental health. Just try to have fun and avoid the negativity from your dad’s girlfriend and your half brother (I recommend bringing something you love with you like a favorite book for when they get to be too much). I hope you have a nice time on your little adventure!

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