DepressionDiaries: Interview Anxiety

I have an interview for one of my college choices in about a week. I’m honestly not looking forward to it, the past week has been rough and I haven’t been able to pick myself up again so I could do something productive. I’m supposed to be working on my portfolio and I had planned to do it today but I had very little sleep last night and became so invested in this game on my phone that I was playing it for hours.

I’m contemplating cancelling the interview so I don’t have to worry about it but that’s a lame excuse isn’t it?

I don’t really think its the right place for me because of the distance I would have to travel even though I got a really good impression of it at the open day, My alternate choice is a lot more convenient and would be less hassle for me. Does that make me lazy? I just want to go to the college that I would find easiest to attend.

Maybe I’m not even ready to go to a new college after failing so epically at my last one. I don’t know, I’ll have to see how I am over time.



Song of the day:  Monster by Skillet





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