DepressionDiaries: The hardest question to answer


if you’re mentally ill, this question and other variations of it are really difficult to answer. I get this sort of question a lot not as an “oh I genuinely care about how you are” Its a more of a small talk question you ask to be polite. People tend not to actually care about the answer and they expect the usual “I’m okay” or “I’m alright”

I try to be honest when I get this question from friends but I don’t go into great detail unless they want me to and most of the time they don’t because they brush aside what I’ve just said and start talking about their own problems. I shouldn’t be calling these people my friends really.

I usually say things like “I’m not the best” “I could be better” or just “Not good” now if I was to go into greater detail straight away the answers would be;

“Lonely”  “Exhausted”  “Fed up”  “Stressed out”  “Out of touch with reality”  “Sleep-deprived”   “hating myself”   “struggling”

and there are probably many more honest answers I could give but that will do for now. So it’s basically you want to be honest but you also fear people’s response, like they’ll criticise you, become uncomfortable or simply brush your answer aside like it doesn’t matter.

All the fun of having a mental illness (!)





Song of the day: My Demons by Starset


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