DepressionDiaries: Taking it easy…

Today, I haven’t really done much besides watching youtube videos and colouring in my travel themed adult colouring book but I’m okay with that. After yesterday it’s nice to finally have a calm day. Yesterday, I went to see my doctor about my suicidal thoughts, got my meds dose increased and had a visit from the crisis team.

Now I think should try and take things easy and slower instead of rushing around everywhere trying to do so many things at once and rushing my recovery. I plan to go into work tomorrow but I may not work for so long. I’ve been working for four hours a day, four days a week adding up to over the minimum of 12 hours a week I have to do for my internship. Therefore I may cut down my hours to 12 just until I get used to the new dose and get the right help.


Song of the day:  Valerie by Amy Winehouse


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