DepressionDiaries: The curse of March

I hate the month March, even though my birthday is in that month,  to me it seems to be cursed, it all started in March 2012 my great aunt had died and, although I barely knew her I grieved, she left me some money which I felt I had no right to, what had I done for her to deserve this? I felt guilty because I couldn’t go to her funeral and that’s where my depression began along with the bullying.

In march 2013, one of my cousins had a miscarriage. March 2014 My nan had a stroke (she’s still alive but the stroke left her with verbal dyspraxia) not long after that one of my uncle’s died and that’s when I went to my first funeral this was all happening along side exams. I’m surprised I made it through that year.

This March (2016) I had been sexually harassed and I know terrible things have happened to celebrities in March as well, one died on my birthday!

I’m really not looking forward to next march and the awful experiences I’ll probably have to live through with my family. Thing is I think its my fault these bad things happen because like I said, my birthday is in that month, maybe I’M the curse.

Or am I just going crazy and these are all just coincidences? I don’t know but March being my worst month is definitely a thing.




Song of the day: Little Game by BENNY



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