DepressionDiaries: Memory problems…

My memory really sucks. I’m not sure if its a side effect of my medication, a symptom of my depression or something else but today has been my worst day memory wise.

I got a text from my manager this morning asking if I still had the spare key to the shop, I had totally forgotten I had it! and, while I was looking for the key, I came across a bag with a jumper and a passport case that I bought and totally forgot about. I did eventually find the key by the way, to my relief.

Later on I had to go get some boxes for storage for the shop and I’d used my card to buy the boxes and left it in the machine! it was lucky I stopped just outside the store to get my things together so I was able to hear the next customer and cashier trying to get my attention otherwise I think I would have left it there and not realise until I went to buy something else.

So, yep that’s how bad at functioning my brain has been lately, its not much better on other days either, in fact I think without this blog to write and review I would forget a lot more.




Song of the day: Borderline by Tove Styrke memory



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