DepressionDiaries: Mystery Mental Illness

Today has been a better day for me emotionally. I had my assessment with the wellbeing service aaand it turns out I’m at too high risk to get CBT with them so my treatment will be discussed with my current counsellor. Thing is according to the crisis team I’m at too low risk to get help from their kind of services so I don’t know what the heck they plan on doing with me.

A thing that me and my assessor discussed was the possibility of their being another mental illness linked to my depression. Something along the lines of autism/Aspergers or a personality disorder. In my personal opinion I think that a personality disorder is  more likely but hey I’m no professional.

I kind of hope there is something there because from a young age I believe my behaviour has been different to what’s considered the norm. From having drastic mood swings to difficulty in relationships (especially with other children) and I have been told that I have a sort of “Jekyll and Hyde” thing going on but then again that could be the depression.

Nevertheless whatever it is it has affected my learning and my relationships so if there is another mental health issue there I hope its manageable so maybe I can handle life better or that’s just how my brain functions due to life experiences, like I said, I’m no professional.




song of the day:  Iodine by Icon For Hire



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