DepressionDiaries: Open Day #3

I’ve just returned home after going to see my third and final potential college. The journey there was rather long but we took the scenic route. I didn’t notice where the college was because on the outside it looked rather plain and sort of blended in with the surrounding buildings. However the inside looked great, they had some really good designs and facilities.

The members of staff I spoke to were really welcoming and friendly, I would have like to meet my potential photography teacher though and the amount of people in one class is quite big due to how popular the course is there. the atmosphere at the college was really calm and the surrounding area is beautiful (plenty of photography opportunities)

My favourite thing about the college though is that they are open about mental health/illness so I feel it would really help my mental illness to be there.

Now my college choice has been made harder, I really like college #1 and this one. I’ve applied for an interview with both of them so hopefully after the interviews I will be able to make a decision.





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