DepressionDiaries: Mental Health Awareness Week (Day two)

I have just played  a very beautiful online game called ‘elude’ a game created to raise awareness about depression and it’s use of metaphorical/symbolic representation of the illness is so accurate.

What you have to do is ‘Jump’ to keep your mood up and ‘resonate’ with birds/ the passions of your life in order to elude depression but it’s not that easy especially when depression wants to get you so bad.


Its an amazing little game with awesome artwork.  I ended up screaming and swearing quite a bit though because, when the depression starts coming after you, sh*t gets real but like I said, its a great game which I strongly suggest you play and perhaps get a friend or a family member to play it to.

That game was such an amazing experience; I am in awe about how beautifully accurate it was. (the link to the game is below)








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