DepressionDiaries: A Crazy day

You would not believe what happened today in the charity shop I work at…

Practically the whole store has been cleared out because one man bought so much stuff. Bags, scarves, books, homewares, picture frames, toys, games, shoes and jewellery. I’m not sure what he plans on doing with all this stuff but Oxfam got so much money thanks to him. He’s coming back on Monday to buy more stuff!

So I spent most of the afternoon restocking the shop floor with donated stuff from the upper floors. However if he does return on Monday we’re going to need a lot more stock to put on the shop floor when he’s done buying.

Tomorrow I plan on going through all my stuff at home to see what I can take into work to use as back up stock on Monday. That is the downside of so much stuff being bought, we’re running out of stuff to sell!

It’s fair to say that this has probably been my busiest day of work yet so I have been pretty stressed out, what didn’t help was the fact that I hadn’t eaten properly so by the time I left work I was cranky and desperate for food. It meant that I managed to eat all my dinner though at least. My limbs are aching so bad from heavy lifting and carrying things up and down the stairs.

It’s so nice to be back home in my soft bed after a day like today.







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