DepressionDiaries: Emotion Explosion

It’s 12:30 pm and I’ve just woken up after a long and exhausting night. Last night something happened to me that I am going to call an ‘Emotion Explosion’ what happened was during the day I was doing alright, I got through work okay (despite some rather stressful situations) and I was  pretty happy about my blog doing so well.

Then, when I got home all the events of that day hit at once. I felt anger, excitement, joy, guilt, anxiety and probably many other emotions that I’m not able to identify. My brain could not process all this information properly and had no idea how to deal with this new ‘Emotion Explosion’

I tried distracting myself but I couldn’t  concentrate, I tried creating a song to express my emotions but that only seemed to make it worse, I even tried self harming but that brought only a temporary relief.

I was tearful but were they tears of frustration? Happiness? or Sadness? I don’t know, like I said everything had hit at once so I’m not sure what was happening.

I should probably start learning how to deal with my emotions in the time that I feel them instead of brushing them aside and bottling them up just so they can rise up later. Thing is I don’t know how…






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