DepressionDiaries: My Dream…

Ever since I was very young I had wanted to explore and travel the world. I remember drawing pictures of myself in different places doing different things. My dream Job was to be an explorer (even though now I highly doubt I can do that as a job)

My parents raised me to be open minded which probably fuelled my sense of adventure. Trying to gather as much information about a place or a culture so nothing is left a mystery to me. I like solving mysteries,you know when you watch a mystery programme and you try and figure out who the culprit was along with the detective?, I used to do that watching Scooby Doo.

To this day I have still wanted to explore and travel the world, to go on adventures, solve mysteries and maybe settle down somewhere better than the place I currently live in. Its the only thing that has really been consistent with me even with my depression. Its at the top of my bucket list, even though its probably the hardest goal to achieve. I mean I’ll need a tonne of money for starters.

But I live in hope that one day I will become the explorer that I’ve pretty much always wanted to be. It’s the main thing that has kept me going really.







9 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: My Dream…

  1. Cuking Frazy says:

    Scooby-Doo was awesome!! And it’s your dream to explore, so you’ll find a way!
    And even if you can’t go far places right now, try exploring the town you live in.
    Pick a day, roam around the streets, and explore the town in depth!

    Hope it helps!
    Take care! 🙂

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  2. ifimstillunemployedattheendofthisimquitting says:

    What a great goal. It IS possible too… it may not be possible right away, but there’s no reason to think you won’t make it there eventually. Where in the world would you go if you could go anywhere? There must be some spot that especially appeals to you? I’ve been to Italy several times, but now I want to visit Eastern Europe. It would be such an adventure! So figure out what adventure YOU want and start taking steps to make it happen!

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    • normalistoomainstream says:

      Wow I would love to go to Italy and also Japan they are my top two countries that I want to go to. I suppose a better first step would be France, I’ve been there a few times already but didn’t really explore much, I’ll be going there again later this year perhaps I could take it as opportunity to explore the culture a bit more ❤

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