DepressionDiaries: Suspicious Minds

Since working in a charity shop for a while now I’ve learned how low people can go as to steal things and take advantage of the staff’s kindness. It’s difficult to work this job when you have depression because it means I already have pessimistic opinions of the world and certain customers make it worse.

It’s exhausting to have to stay on your guard to protect things in the store and to try and remain polite and at least look happy to all the customers (even those you want to smack in the face)

When I first started the job I had been so naïve because, lets face it, school and college never prepare you for the real world instead they give you a false sense of security before throwing you to the wolves. Now I see why that co-worker quit and why that other co-worker is so moody, I have formed a cynical mind and I have become suspicious of basically everyone and anyone who comes into the shop.ed8

I now have to force a smile at customers and try to just get on with my job without getting too emotionally involved because I’m often left disappointed since that display I worked so hard on has now been messed up and rearranged (like, seriously how the heck did that shoe end up all the way over there when the other one is here?!?) and that customer I thought was being nice just wanted money that was meant for the charity (seriously, b*tch this charity ain’t for you)

It’s not all bad though, I suppose, I have some really nice co-workers and a manager who treats us like her friends. I think there is only about a month or so of my internship left, I’m not sure what I’m going to do once I’ve finished it but hopefully it will open many doors for me.




*I have been tempted many times to do my Gollum impression in hope of scaring away troublesome customers XD


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