DepressionDiaries: A brighter day

Today has been much better than the last few days, the weather has been beautiful (a rarity here in England) and I got to have today with my mum all to myself because it was my sister’s turn to spend the day with my dad.

I was originally planning to spend all day watching my favourite anime Nisekoi but after watching a couple of episodes I realised that the weather is glorious and  I have my mum to myself so we should go out somewhere.

We spent the afternoon in the countryside visiting a place that we hadn’t been to for a long time. We went into a teddy bear shop full of Charlie bears. I bought one for myself and my mum (they were too cute to leave in the shop, don’t judge me)

We had lunch in a Café and then had ice cream because it was so hot. While we were there we met some really nice people and people ACTUALLY spoke to one another just because they wanted to not because they felt obliged, unlike the town I live in (which I can’t wait to leave )

The bear I bought is called Chuck by the way and he’s very comforting to me. Although the fact that I keep calling him Chucky like the doll from the horror movie kind of ruins the whole comfort thing so I may be changing his name but I don’t know what to. If you have any ideas on what to rename him please feel free to comment them below.



(My favourite scene in Nisekoi)



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