DepressionDiaries: Siblings’ punching bag

I went over to my dad’s place today to visit my half brother. We were having fun until he got way too excited about the Wii game we were playing I was teasing him saying he wouldn’t win and he bit me! At first I didn’t think much of it so when the game started I got in front of the TV to tease him. He took the game way too seriously and got in a bad mood with me. I was about to leave, I was in the hallway putting my shoes on when he came up to me and pushed me against a wall. I hit the back of my head and my back.

I’m so sick of being treated this way. My sister used to use me as her punching bag when we were younger and now my brother is doing the same thing! I can’t fight back because he is younger than me so I’d get in all kinds of trouble if I did.

I hate this, I’m finally back in my bedroom in floods of tears because I’ve been so hurt. Physically because of my brother biting me and pushing me and emotionally because my dad didn’t do a damn thing and he saw me get pushed up against a wall!

I’m so upset I feel sick, I’m not going to my dad’s place again. I’m in no fit state to be pushed around and used as a punching bag. It sort of feels like I’m back in childhood getting hit by one of my siblings and feeling so let down by my dad.

No wonder I self harm, its the only type of pain in my life I have control over.









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