DepressionDiaries: Meeting new people

Since today has been a bank holiday I had no work which meant I could do what ever I had in mind. I went to see the movie Captain America: Civil War with a friend of mine and some of his other friends.

I was rather anxious about today because I didn’t really know these other friends of his very well so I was worried it was going to be really awkward and uncomfortable. At first I didn’t say much and just listened and responded to what other people had to say.

However once I got a bit more settled with the situation, I started chatting a bit more and was able to make everyone laugh with my Gollum impression and just being my weird self XD

I had a great time. My friend’s other friends seemed to like me and accepted me as part of their group. They even want me to join them again on another outing! and the movie was so epic and badass.

I’m rather exhausted right now though. SO MUCH SOCIALISING!!! but I still had a really good time so it’s worth it.







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