DepressionDiaries: Appetite problems…

don’t know why but today I just haven’t felt like eating properly. I only had a few bites of my breakfast before I put it aside deciding I didn’t want it anymore. At lunch I had half a sandwich and a small cake. Now I’ve just had dinner well a few mouthfuls of dinner at least.

Nothing today has felt good enough to eat (apart from the small cake) I’ve had little interest in eating today and just shoved small amounts of stuff down my throat so at least I will have eaten something.

Apart from that today has been good, I didn’t have anything to get up for today so I could just chill in my room and not feel guilty because I had nothing to do anyway. So I’ve spent today watching my favourite parts of BBC Merlin. I stopped having anything to do with it for a while because I felt bad for obsessing over something that’s not real but the show has put me in a really good mood, it’s made me laugh and smile (which is difficult nowadays)





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