DepressionDiaries: Taking care of myself is a chore

Over the past few weeks I have not been taking care myself as well as I should, it just doesn’t seem worth it. I don’t care about impressing anyone so I’m not worried about how I look.

I haven’t been washing my hair as often as I need to. It’s really greasy and I need to cut it but I can’t be asked.

I have dry skin on my face and hands that I should put cream on but I can’t be asked.

I should be wearing my retainers because my teeth have started moving again but, guess what, I can’t be asked.

Everything such as washing and wearing decent clothes, things that I used to take so seriously, I’m not bothered about and do them in a way that requires the least amount of effort.

Taking care of myself just seems so trivial and I go out looking rough with tension lines on my face from stress and dark circles from lack of or disturbed sleep. Even matching socks is hard for me now.

I usually wake up, eat something, have a quick wash and throw some clothes on, not really caring about how I look, people should just be grateful that I am even out of bed!








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