DepressionDiaries: Chest pain & catching up

I went back into work today after having yesterday off and I had a pretty positive view this morning on going. However, when I started doing till work a load of people came in and I was under pressure, at one point I had several people waiting to be served and other customers asking me questions while I was trying to do till work. My brain was so confused and I start feeling panicky, my heart beat faster to the point that my chest felt tight and had a dull ache. I knew I had to stop otherwise I probably would have had a panic attack so I asked my manger if I could take a break and get someone else to take over.

After finally being able to close up the shop, I did not feel good, I felt fed up and wanted to be alone but I was meeting up with a friend so I couldn’t.

When I came to seeing my friend we actually had a very good time, we hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks  so we had some catching up to do. We discussed our mental health and how things have been. I like this friend because she was there for me at my worst and still is, I feel I can talk to her about anything. I don’t see her very often because she lives outside of town but I like it that way, I need my space from people and speaking to the same person or people every day causes me problems because what are you supposed to talk about with someone you were with just the day before? and I find distance helps improve my relationship with others because when we do get together it makes our time more special and you appreciate each other that bit more.





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