DepressionDiaries: Open day #2

I’ve just recently got back from viewing my second potential new college and compared to the first college I saw, I didn’t like it very much. I mean it wasn’t all bad, the surrounding area was pleasant (plenty of places nearby to eat out) and the building looked fantastic, not completely modern but not completely old either.

However the first issue is actually getting to the college, I would have to take a train and a bus which would take me about an hour at least but, as I said to my parents, if the college was worth it I would make that journey. The second issue I had with it were the teachers, they did not seem as enthusiastic as the teacher I saw in my first one and the way they would get us to work seemed very controlled (even though photography is about expression and creativity)

My final issue with this college was that it was similar to the one I left a while ago. It was all about “success rates” and them showing off the facilities they had, there did not seem to be much consideration for the students at all.

So clearly, college #1 seems to be my best bet although I have one last potential college to see in May but I will set up an interview with college #1 in the meantime.



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