DepressionDiaries: WTF is Happening to Youtube?! (warning: contains strong language)

My favourite thing to do over the past few years has been to watch youtubers play games or vlog in fun and interesting ways. It used to be my escape from bullying and high school drama but now those things have come in to youtube since it has become more of job for people it’s become a more “Every person for themselves” kind of mentality and a survival of the fittest type of lifestyle.

I’ve seen some of my favourite youtubers roast eachother and fan communities turning on eachother for liking the youtuber they don’t and I’m sat there like “but I like both of them, why should I have to take sides?”

Youtubers have helped me through my days of living with depression because it was all about the youtuber enjoying making the videos that made me enjoy them but now if a youtuber  gets accused of something (even with no evidence) a mob mentality kicks in and that person is harassed to the point of them becoming severely distressed and miserable (cyberbullying basically)

It just sucks that something that used to help me deal with my depression is now actually making me more depressed because the bullshit that I used youtube to escape from is now a part of it. People gossiping about and harassing eachother, online fights going down like those in a school fucking playground.

I’m sorry for the swearing but I am just so upset right now, and all of what is going on makes me not want to be a youtuber anymore even though I’ve wanted  to since I was about 15 years old. I’ve cried over it, even though you’d probably think that its nothing really to cry about but that’s how much youtube has meant to me all these years.

I guess I’ll just have to find something else to amuse myself with, anyone got any ideas?








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