DepressionDiaries: A clean month

I am very proud to say that it has been a month since I last self harmed. That may not seem like very long to some people but to me its a huge achievement. It means I’ve managed to deal with stress and difficult times without resorting to self harm for four weeks.

To celebrate and reward myself I went to a restaurant that I haven’t had the chance to go to in over a year, It was amazing. I had cheesy nachos, pizza and, my favourite dessert that I can’t get at other restaurants that I know of, cookie dough.

I do admit it wasn’t easy though, a couple of days ago I had to move a pair of scissors out of my immediate reach because I was tempted to cut myself with them. This shows some improvement since I first came down with depression about 6 months ago where I would self harm nearly every day!







One thought on “DepressionDiaries: A clean month

  1. nouae says:

    Well done you! That’s a massive achievement and you definitely deserve that treat. People underestimate just how hard it is to stop, so be proud of yourself. x

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