DepressionDiaries: Open day #1

Today I went to an open day for the first of my three potential college choices. It was great, the campus had a calm atmosphere and the staff were really nice. I even managed to get some one to one time with my potential photography teacher to talk about the course, he then showed me where I would be working if I chose to attend the college. The staff were very welcoming and I felt like they really wanted me there. This college isn’t so focused on how many students can get enough high grades to make them look good instead they just want the students to be able to learn the skills they need to get into the profession of their choosing. It’s also convenient travel wise.

I really like this college but this was how I felt when I first went to see my former college so I’m trying not to rush into anything. I still have two more colleges to see and when I’ve finished getting the information I need from each college I will compare them to each other

I signed an enrolment form so they could reserve me a place while I think about my decision and a part of the form asked me if I had any medical problems or learning difficulties on the tick list was “mental health difficulty” I figured that I should tick it since I take medication for my depression (which reminds me, I forgot to take my tablet this morning) and it does have some effect on my work. At least if I do attend the college they’ll know about my depression and take it on board.






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