DepressionDiaries: Am I a loner?

Growing up I always thought that being a loner meant that no one likes you which is why you are alone. In school being on your own was seen as a bad thing, the amount of friends you had defined you as a person which made me afraid of being alone.

However now I realise that this is not the case being a loner doesn’t mean that no one likes you it just means that you’re more comfortable alone. You can socialise but making friends isn’t a big deal to you and you tend to prefer your own company.

Which makes me think that I may be a loner/introvert. I am very sociable and am good at making relationships with my co- workers however being around people for a while can drain me and stress me out. I often arrive home from work exhausted or agitated but after sending time alone in my room I find I feel much better, more relaxed and happy.

I’m also okay not seeing friends for days or even weeks and I can maintain the relationship over the internet and phone which means I’m socialising without getting drained. I remember as a child I stayed in the classroom during lunch one time because I wanted to be alone in the quiet and relationships with other students were complicated but alone is less so and being a loner comes with more freedom to be your own person because you’re not worried about fitting in.

When we see someone on their own we think that its a bad thing but we never think that the person may be enjoying their own company.







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