DepressionDiaries: I was put in charge!

Yesterday my manager went on holiday but before she left she ran through with me all the things I would have to do. As an Intern assistant manager I would have to be in charge if there was no one else with the same or more experience than myself. Yesterday happened to be the day where I was the only assistant manager around.

That meant I had to take on the responsibility of making sure my co-workers understood what they were doing and that they were safe. It was terrifying since my co-workers would come to me for advice on what to do.

One of the manager things I had to do was report incidences to the police; while myself and a colleague of mine took some items ordered through our online shop to the post office someone had stolen an item from the shop. My colleague who was behind the till was confused because she wasn’t sure if that item wasn’t there in the first place and she had thought she saw a customer put something in their pocket but she wasn’t sure so I looked around upstairs but the item wasn’t there, it had not been moved upstairs from its original spot on the shop floor, confirming that it had been stolen.

So I got my colleague to give me the time and description of the person she saw who could have been the thief and I phoned the police. Fortunately it wasn’t my first time talking to the police so it wasn’t as scary as it was the first time (I’m kind of awkward on the phone) I think that the sexual harassment incident was God giving me a reason to talk to the police to prepare for yesterday’s incident.

Being in charge for the day was very stressful and I didn’t post any of this yesterday because by the time I got home from work I was mentally and physically exhausted. I’m proud of myself for not having a nervous breakdown from stress at work yesterday which could have happened but I think I did alright all things considered.





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