DepressionDiaries: Sense of worth

I was back in work today and the day went much better than Monday. The highlight of my day was when I served a homeless person who came in and was pleased to be able to buy some clothing and a CD with the change they had. So pleased in fact that a while later they came back with a friend who was also homeless, the friend was amazed at the clothes he could buy with £3 he marvelled at how the clothes were in such good condition and how he could get a Ted Baker shirt for a £1 in the charity shop where I work.

It made me so happy to see them so pleased it renewed my sense of worth. Knowing that,even though I don’t work for money, how meaningful the items people purchase from the shop can be is payment enough. Not just when a homeless person can buy things than can help them but when children see something that they like and it gets the parents’ approval because its only 50p, seeing how happy and excited the children are makes me glad I work where I do.

something that working in a charity shop has taught me;

Something that costs so little money can be worth nothing to someone with a lot of it but to someone with so little money it can be worth a lot more.

That’s why I work in a charity shop, to make a positive difference to the charity and to people’s lives and it’s days like this that make me remember that what I do is worth doing.







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