DepressionDiaries: Why I think Jacksepticeye is awesome

Jacksepticeye is my favourite youtuber to watch videos of because he seems so sweet and genuine in his videos. I watched him play ‘Anxiety Attacks’ today, I had been a bit reluctant to watch it earlier since it can be triggering for people with depression and anxiety disorder.

However it wasn’t so difficult to watch because of Jacksepticeye’s commentary, he made something that could trigger me easier to cope with. What I like about him is that he didn’t try and preach to people like me about being happy or staying strong. In fact for someone who’s never experienced depression or panic attacks, he was very understanding and wanted to learn about what it was like to have these mental health issues instead of denying they exist.

I would love to be friends with Jacksepticeye because he seems like someone who would make a really good friend and will be there for me on my toughest days, well technically he already is by uploading his videos everyday. I feel like he could empathise with me and despite not knowing much about depression and anxiety he gave some pretty good advise to find what makes YOU happy and something that you can find motivational even the smallest thing, if you find it and dedicate your time and energy to it life should be much more enjoyable. At least that’s how it worked for him.

I’m personally not sure because I haven’t found something that I’d be willing to spend so much time on but watching the video from Jacksepticeye today gave me hope that I’ll one day find something that will make me happy and motivated again.







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