DepressionDiaries: A rough day

So I managed to get my butt to work despite not feeling very good about it and it was mad, we had so many customers and there was so much to do. I could not sit down for five minutes it was so hectic.

I mean I suppose since it is a charity shop its great that we got so many customers but it was too much for the very small amount of staff to manage. There were clothes and hangers left on the floor, things misplaced that we had to put back and people who asked for multiple exchanges (in a charity shop!) on top of that we had to keep an eye out for thieves who would take advantage of the fact the shop was so busy.

I like helping out the charity and serving customers but its also working in a charity shop that makes you see the nasty side to humanity. People who would disrespect the staff who are trying to do good (we do not get paid you know!) and who would steal from the shop as if the charity was for them!

I am so done with today, I feel exhausted and want to cry from the stress. I’m so annoyed and just… ugh. I’m done, so done. I’m out.





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