DepressionDiaries: Who am I?

I feel really weird about myself, I don’t even know who “myself” is anymore. I suppose its because I’m sort of an adult now though not quite, I only recently turned 18. I’ve been struggling to understand myself lately. I’m so different now, It’s amazing what 6 months can do to you (that’s how long I’ve had depression for)

I’m no longer interested in some of the things I used to like. For example Acting, from a very young age I’ve been told that I’m a natural on stage and that I should do drama and become an actress for years I thought I was born to be an actress, my whole life practically revolved around it! but now I no longer care about being an actress and performing on stage I felt like I was pushed to be in that profession by my family, friends and teachers. I realised that the only reason I wanted to be an actress was to prove myself worthy by being seen as good at something but I am good at other things apart from acting… just no one else sees it

I sometimes don’t feel connected to my name either, I just don’t think it suits me anymore. I often have days where I say “I don’t feel like myself” and then think ” I don’t even know who myself is”

I just don’t understand what’s happening, I know I’ve changed big time from my change of interests to tastes in things and my personality but I don’t know who I’ve changed into. Who am I now?

My apologies if this post doesn’t make sense, I can’t make sense of this situation myself to be honest.







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