DepressionDiaries: Dogsitter for an afternoon

I didn’t sleep well last night; Surprise, surprise(!) and I didn’t get out of  bed until 2pm. The only reason I got up at all was because my mum wanted me to help get some stuff over to my grandparent’s house for their anniversary. When I entered the home I realised that my aunt’s dog was there on her own while everyone else was out so I volunteered to keep her company until my Nan, Grandad and Aunt came home.

About a year ago I would not have been in the same room as a dog for more than a couple of minutes without freezing in terror because when I was very young a dog had leapt on me and pushed me to the floor, I had been scared of dogs since but I’ve been working on my fear with my aunt’s dog, she’s very small and trustworthy to my family so she was the best dog to start with.

Now this afternoon I was volunteering to look after her for a couple of hours on my own! my younger self would think I was crazy but she was actually very good with me, she didn’t bark or growl which does still scare me a bit when dogs do that. I even took her out for a walk for the first time on my own.

The energy required to look after a dog did drain me though especially considering the fact I got very little sleep last night but now I’m finally home feeling relieved and quite proud of myself for conquering my fear and spending my day doing something besides sleeping and watching youtube videos.





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