DepressionDiaries: A very busy but very good day

I slept through the night! I went to sleep at approximately 11pm and didn’t wake up until 10am this morning which I planned to do. After weeks of not sleeping until the early hours of the morning having a night like this where I actually sleep during the night is a miracle.

I wanted to be up at 10am so I could have enough time to get ready to go into the town centre. When I arrived the first thing I did was go into work and talk to my manager about my internship, I’ll be starting it this Friday and it will take up about 12 hours of my week, every week which means I won’t waste so much time lying in bed trying to distract myself from life’s problems.

After that I went shopping and then met up with a few friends of mine, we had some laughs when they left I decided I would treat myself to lunch at my favourite restaurant for A) getting up at the planned time/not sleeping in until late afternoon and B) finally doing a task that I should’ve done a while back.

My stomach is full of good food (not healthy but really tasty) my body feels so relaxed now it finally is back in bed after rushing around for the last 5- 6 hours and I feel so proud of myself for actually doing stuff today. I hope to get days like this more often.






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