DepressionDiaries: Why I love ‘Inside Out’

I know this is months late for a review of the movie but I’ve just been thinking about how the movie Inside Out is not only entertaining but also educational. If you haven’t seen the movie I recommend that you because there are spoilers ahead.

So it’s clear that the main character, Riley, goes through a time of depression when she has to move house, town and school. While Joy tries to keep Riley happy all the  time it’s hard for the other emotions (fear, anger, disgust and especially sadness)to interfere. However when an accident with Riley’s memories both Joy and Sadness are sucked out of the headquarters through a tube.

Without the presence of these two emotions Anger, Disgust and fear are left in control, this leads to Riley having depression. What I like about this portrayal of depression is that Sadness is not even in headquarters and, therefore, not in control of Riley in any way during this time. Opposing the stigma that depression is “just about being sad” when it’s not.

anger fear disgust

Fear, Anger and Disgust are in charge of the console in Riley’s “Head quarters”


Disgust causes Riley to become repulsed by most things. Fear makes her anxious in situations while anger makes her resentful and causes her to lash out. Eventually, towards the climax of the movie, the console that the emotions use to control Riley stops working and Riley becomes disconnected from her emotions and feels nothing which can be the case for those who have depression.

That’s why Inside Out is one of my favourite movies  not only because it featured a mental illness but also because it opposed the depression stereotype. It gives me comfort to know that mental health issues are starting to be acknowledged by the media.






2 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: Why I love ‘Inside Out’

  1. darkdelilah says:

    love love love this film! It really does give a different perspective on emotions and other peoples behaviour. I totally think that my joy hasn’t made it back from long term memory yet though! haha xx

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