DepressionDiaries: I slept nearly all day… again!

Its four in the afternoon and I’ve only just fully woken up. I woke up at 10am to take my tablet as usual then fell straight back to sleep, I was too tired to even think about getting up.

The same thing happened yesterday and the day before that. I’ve been too wired to sleep at night and I don’t fall asleep until the sun come up. I always think to myself “I’ll still get up at 10 to do stuff, at least I will have had a few hours sleep”

Contrary to my belief I end up sleeping pretty much all day. I hate it, I planned to have a morning walk to the shops to wake myself up a bit but that didn’t happen. I was so excited to get some stuff done during the day last night and now I feel rubbish because I slept instead of doing those things.

I have something planned for tomorrow afternoon, I’m hoping it will motivate me to get up early enough to do it. I’ll feel awful if I don’t do it. I’ve already cancelled enough plans over the last week.





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