DepressionDiaries: Movie night fears

I just got back from a movie marathon at the cinema I went to today with my friends I had a great time though since the whole sexual harassment incident, going out with my friends at 9pm scared the hell out of me. Even the prospect of walking across a road so late at night on my own got my nerves wracking. It wasn’t until I was with my friends that I felt safe.

During the break between the two movies, I went to get snacks, there was a long queue and I was fine until my friend left to wait for me a little further off. It was then I realised where I was and that I was alone with a couple of strangers quite close behind me that’s when anxiety kicked in.

I had a load of irrational thoughts in my head like “Oh my days, what am I doing?” “There are so many strangers” “better be careful of the people behind me in case they try something” “Why am I here?” “I should just go back to my seat and forget the snacks” “I don’t think I can do this”

Just as my vision started blurring one of the cashiers asked who was next, luckily, that was me so I was able to get the snacks before I had a big nervous breakdown in public. Apart from that I got really into the movies  and was I’m so proud of myself for not letting my fears get the best of me.




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