DepressionDiaries: My sleep pattern is so messed up

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It is currently 2:15 in the morning and I am wide awake. I slept from 5am until about 2pm today. I’ve been having a few nights like this where I don’t sleep until dawn and then sleep most of the day. Even after spending so much time asleep today I started feeling tired at around 9pm so I thought I better try and have an early night for once, I slept until about 1am and then woke up again and now here I am wide awake, wondering what to do with myself.

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The problem I have is that I can be really tired but as soon as I lie down to sleep my brain goes on this big thought rollercoaster. It makes me fearful, makes me excited, makes me depressed all very quickly. So then I end up finding something for my brain to concentrate on to stop the thought rollercoaster, for example, listening to music. This makes me relax and feel sleepy again so I lie down to sleep and my brain goes back on it’s thought rollercoaster and the cycle repeats a few times Every. Damn. Night.

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The sleeping pills I took for about a week a while back have made very little difference. If anything my sleep pattern has become much worse recently and I don’t know what to do about it. I’m seeing my counsellor this afternoon, I will probably discuss it with him.



Welp, better try and sleep again I suppose,



4 thoughts on “DepressionDiaries: My sleep pattern is so messed up

  1. alfgarnet says:

    Understand totally , been like that for nearly 3 years since me strokes , where brain goes silly and get 2/ 3 hrs top at night tried all sorts from music, adault coloring, watching the worse boring programs on tv, if I get up then try again, tried a cd relaxing nature sounds stuff like that with tinnitus and insomnia don’t help but might help you google soothing nature sounds, take care xx

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