DepressionDiaries: Songs for the depressed

I really love these 5 songs because I can relate to them and some of them make me feel better about my depression. Here are the 5 songs:

Nightcore – I’m gonna show you crazy: This song makes me think of accepting that I am mentally ill and not being worried about hiding it any longer. The song contains strong language and the original version is by Bebe Rexha.

Nightcore – Titanium (Dreamcorechan) : I love this song as the original but what I like about this nightcore version is that the girl singing sounds as if she’s been hurt so much that she no longer cares what someone does or says to her because she is “Titanium” The original version is by David Guetta ft Sia

Nightcore – When she cries: This song starts off rather negative but the last part gives me hope by referring to God and quotes (which you probably know I love) There is also a line I can strongly relate to it says “Maybe making me bleed would be the answer that could wash the slate clean” this, to me, means that they believe that if they self harm it would make them feel better, logic which I use when I am tempted to self harm. The original version is by Britt Nicole.

Nightcore- F**king Perfect (Male version) – I really like the original version of the song by Pink but what I like about the Nightcore version is that its sung by a male, showing that men can be emotional as well. The song reminds that I am not alone in having sucky experiences in life but also reminds me that I am loved no matter what.

Nightcore – Dark side: This song reminds me that nobody is perfect and I am worthy of love. The original version is by Kelly Clarkson.

I’ve listed the Nightcore versions of the songs because they are my preferred versions to listen to but please do check out the original versions!

I hope you like them as much as I do 🙂





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