DepressionDiaries: Feeling better

The last couple of days have been tough. I’ve felt suicidal and self harmed again by scratching and punching myself. Over the past two nights since the sexual harassment incident I couldn’t sleep until around 5-6 am. So a very tough couple of days.

Today I went to the police station to make a statement because I was worried that the guy who harassed me could do the same or worse to someone else. They took the issue more seriously than I thought but since the man wasn’t known to them, they weren’t too worried about him being dangerous. However, Its been reported and he’s on their records now so they are aware that there is someone rather…dodgy around the area I live in.

I am so relieved that the situation has been sorted out. I’ll be sure to be more careful when I am out in public though. Still won’t stop me going to work and hanging around with my friends.



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