DepressionDiaries: Sexual Harassment

I was out with a good friend of mine having a good time when we saw this guy checking us out, from a distance, he looked about our age and quite cute. We went about our business and then we saw him again while we were waiting for my mum to come pick us up, he saw us and beckoned us to approach him. At first we hesitated getting all embarrassed and just laughing at ourselves.

We were walking away when we thought it would be good to approach him and see how it goes. So we went up to him and realised he was much older than he looked from a distance and soon it was clear he wanted more than a chat and some banter from me.

He asked me questions like ” Are you in school?” “where do you work?”  “Do you live around here?” “Do you live with your family?” “Not alone?” (he sounded disappointed when I said I didn’t live alone) “are you a good girl?”

He gave me his number and watched me over my shoulder to make sure I typed it in. Then he put his arm around me and kissed me (I think he was going for the lips but I turned away so he got my cheek instead)

I gave my friend a look of terror and she said “I don’t like this, give her some space” and he said something along the lines of “No, I like this” (still with his arm around me). Before the situation could escalate any further I said “my mum will be here soon, Come on (to my friend) let’s go” and I grabbed her arm and we walked briskly away.

We walked around a big building to get back to the place my mum would pick us up and after a while we looked back and saw that he was following us. We ran as fast as we could until we couldn’t see him anymore where I then rang my mum to tell her to pick us up from the spot we were currently at.

When I got home I had some tea and a hot bath because I felt so shaken and disgusting. I feel like such an idiot for being so trusting of people and awful for attracting people that are like that. Why are people like that attracted to me? I’ve had incidences of people following me around school and also college to my lessons without my permission or me even being aware they were  there until I would see them outside my classroom or near to where I was with my friends.

I feel so disgusting and I’m afraid of going back out to where it happened in case I see him again (it was near where I work) This is not going to help my depression, just as I was about to fix my life up as well!

Although I’m glad it happened to me instead of my friend, I’d hate to see her go through that and I don’t know what I would have done if he did target her. I’m planning on reporting the incident tomorrow which will hopefully mean he would be on record and stopped from doing something like this to another young girl or boy.

At least they can’t say it was because I “wasn’t wearing enough clothing” because I was wearing jeans, a sweatshirt with a jacket over it and a scarf so even my neck was covered. Learn from my mistake everyone, admire people from a distance because they probably won’t be so pleasant close up both physically and mentally.

That’s all from me today,



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