DepressionDiaries: To those who feel suicidal

When I feel suicidal, I think about the things I really want to do before I die and It helps me to; A – focus my mind on something good and  B- gives me hope for my future knowing all the possibilities that could come. Here is my Bucket list:

  1. Travel the world (or to as many different countries as possible): I’ve wanted to do this since I was very young, I used to draw myself as an explorer in all these different places. I’ve already been to France and Spain so those are ticked off the list.
  2. Write a book: I’m working on a couple of writing projects at the moment so hopefully one of them could be a bestseller, If not at least it’s good practise.
  3. Learn as many different languages as possible: I believe that learning other languages will be a great way to communicate and make friends in other countries without language being such a big barrier.
  4. Learn to play the guitar and piano: I’ve already got myself a guitar and can play a couple of notes with it so, there’s a start.
  5. Become a professional photographer: I’ve got some of the basic equipment I need and plan to attend Photography classes soon.

If you are feeling suicidal, I suggest you write your own bucket list like this one and hopefully it will help you think better about your future.

Suggested Song: Emma Blackery – The Promise.  A song that reminds me of those who care about me and wouldn’t want me to go. You can also think about it as a message from me to you. Hope it helps ❤

Suggested Website:

I’ve called the Samaritans a few times and their volunteers have been very helpful to me just by listening to my problems and not judging me. The above is their website with their details and helpful advice.

That’s all from me today,



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