DepressionDiaries: It’s My Party and I’ll cry if I want to

I had this get together planned this Saturday with my friends to celebrate my birthday but 6 people have cancelled on me and I get the feeling that some more are going to cancel as well. I’ve just spent the past hour crying because it makes me feel like I don’t matter, we had this planned for weeks and then a few days before they’re like “oh sorry I can’t come” and I’m like “It’s okay” while crying because I was so looking forward to all of them meeting each other. Just yet another disappointment added to the list, why do I get excited about things? they always seem to go wrong. After all I’ve done for them, the least they could do is come to my party.

I’m starting to think I’ll spend Saturday alone singing Melanie Martinez- Pity Party (link below) It just sucks that they would let me down like this and not even bother telling me until I bring up the party/ get together in conversation. Why do I even bother with people sometimes? It always seems to get me hurt 😦


That’s all from me today,





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