DepressionDiaries: Cover-up tattoo

I have a scar on my arm from when I first started self harming a few years ago. Its small and people don’t really notice it but  it bothers me. It reminds me of many things that I want to leave behind and forget.

I still self harm occasionally but I don’t really cut, I usually use an elastic band that my counsellor suggested I do as an alternative to cutting or bruising my body. I’m getting through my addiction to self harm but I feel having this scar will prevent me  from really moving on.

This is why I want to get a tattoo, to cover it up so I can move on from that time in my life. I am aware that getting tattoo is painful but at least it would be worth it to have something beautiful and meaningful to look at on my body instead of the scar and horrible memories.

Here are some tattoo designs I’ve been considering getting:


Semi colon












That’s all from me today,



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