DepressionDiaries: back to work

I returned to work today, I volunteer at an Oxfam charity shop,I haven’t gone into work for the past couple of weeks because my depression has had me in bed most of the time. I really wanted to go back though because I’ve been really enjoying working or at least I was.

I managed to get up at 8 to get to work for 10am. I lasted about an hour before I started to feel lethargic, I had originally planned to leave work at 1pm but I ended up leaving sooner, I had to, I couldn’t do my best work in that mental state.

Despite this, I managed to get quite a lot done, I dressed the mannequins, I priced items, I sorted through donations to put onto the shop floor and I worked the till for a while. Doing some of these tasks even took my mind off the depression for a while.

I like my work, I’ve learned a lot of skills and I feel like I’m making a difference to the shop and also the charity. I think I may ask if I can work in the afternoon instead since mornings are clearly a definite problem for me though.


That’s all from me today,



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