DepressionDiaries: Sleeping pills…

Today was a good day. Like I said in my previous post, I had expected to spend most of today asleep if I went to bed but I didn’t. I’ve spent most of today outside my house and I’ve only just now got back to bed since about 11am.

This morning I had another appointment with my doctor, for yet another review. He had been rather worried about me last week when I saw him because I was so down I couldn’t muster up the energy to talk to him, my mum did the talking for me. So he wanted to see how I was doing today.

I was better than I was last week, I was still rather quiet but I was more responsive than I was the last time I saw him. A topic of conversation came up about how I was sleeping, as you probably know from some of my previous posts, sleep doesn’t come easily to me at night and waking up is difficult in the mornings.

I told him about my problems with sleep and he has prescribed me a week’s worth of sleeping pills, I sure hope they work.

That’s all from me today,



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