DepressionDiaries: Family time

I spent quite a lot of time with my family this weekend. I went out with my dad and half brother to get my mum a mother’s day present and card on Saturday and after that I spent the evening with my older cousin. It was a great evening since I don’t get to see her often because of her work. I got to vent to her about my depression and other issues and she really understood me more than anyone, I see her as more of a sister rather than a cousin.

Yesterday, the family were at my grandparents’ house to celebrate mother’s day. My depression had me quite low, I felt tired even though I slept until 1pm and I didn’t feel myself. I spent some time with my aunt’s dog because I feel less expectations to talk or be happy with animals, I could just sit there and stroke her.

My granddad asked me why I was so quiet which I just laughed off but the truth is I can find social interaction quite nerve wracking and draining. I would quite happily just sit and listen to my family talk rather than speak myself. Despite my depression, I enjoyed spending so much time with my family, its rare that we get together like that nowadays.

That’s all from me today,




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