DepressionDiaries: Metaphors

You’ve probably heard of depression being referred to as “The Black dog” or “The Static” however I’ve doubt you’ve heard it being called a cave.

A few nights ago I was up late with dark thoughts circling my mind, I wanted to talk but I didn’t know who to. I joined this depression forum and typed out all my worries such as losing friends and my depression getting stronger. I got a few replies, the first was someone telling me about a metaphor for depression that they’ve used to help them cope. The metaphor was “depression is a cave” at first it didn’t make much sense to me even after he explained it in more detail but then the other night, I was up late (again) lying in bed thinking about so many things and then it came to me, how depression is a cave;

  • Both caves and depression are formed by stress
  • You can store things in caves and you can store memories in depression(the better memories near the entrance/ exit and the worse ones stored deeper)
  • With both caves and depression, the deeper you go in, the harder it is to come out
  • but with both caves and depression there is an entrance/way in and an exit/way out.
  • both caves and depression are dark places to be in until you’re close enough to the entrance/exit to see light.
  • Depression is a cave, a natural resource instead of a debilitating condition.

Obviously, depression is still hard to live with but the point of the metaphor is to see depression as something that can be useful instead of something that destroys you. For example I’m using my “cave” to write blogs that, hopefully, help others.

If you want to be a part of the forum I joined, the link is below;

That’s all from me today,




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