DepressionDiaries: Depression Quest

I came across a game called Depression Quest. An interactive story game where you play someone with depression.

It explores how depression affects relationships, work and everyday life. Your choices in the game affect how the story goes.

I spotted some similarities between my life and the story and it helped me to assess my situation and think “I’m trying to make the best decisions for this character but not for myself”

It got me to reflect on my and the choices I’ve made that brought me here today. I’ve not been doing the best for myself but for others. Taking on responsibilities I should not have done in my condition because I want to make others happy even at the expense of my own happiness, maybe I should do that, start considering my own feelings as well as others when I make decisions.

True friends will understand and stay with me because they should care about my health and happiness as well as what I do for them.

If you are interested in playing the game which you can play for free or donate as much as you can to the game in order to play the link is below;

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That’s all from me today,




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