College survival guide: Organisation


This is part three of my college survival guide blog series. in this post i’m going to be writing about how to stay organised during your time at college.

Balancing your college and personal life can be tricky. you have to meet deadlines and make time to revise as well as making time for yourself, your friends and your family. Here are some ways you can stay on top of your work and have a life outside of college work:

To do lists


When a piece of work crops up, make note of it and what time you need to have it done by. You can tick off each task once you’ve completed it, this will help you keep track of what work you have done and what work you need to do. You could also set reminders for each task on your phone.


You will probably get given a lot of paper work to do so it’s a good idea to have a folder handy to put all your papers in. If you take more than one subject it’s best to get a folder for each of your subjects so your papers don’t get muddled up with the wrong topic. If you have more than one subject during a day then you could just take one folder but remember to sort your papers into the right subject folders when you get home.

Study timetable

Timetables are a good way of organising your time. Here’s one I made on


The blue blocks are when your lessons are, the green ones are for commitments you have (clubs, work etc.) the dark orange block is a deadline and the lighter orange blocks are planned study times. It helps because now I actually know what I’m supposed to be doing and when.

Anyway, I hope this was useful, that’s all from me today




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