College Survival Guide: Prepare for…

brace-yourselves-college-is-comingHowdy everyone 😀 this is the second part of my college survival guide blog series (the first being Making Friends)

In this part I’m going to talk about the three main things you need to prepare yourselves for when you get to college.

As you probably know college is very different from high school and the three main differences you might not be ready for (I know I wasn’t ) so, let’s begin.

Number one: Extra work

You may have fewer subjects in college than you did in high school but that doesn’t mean the work is any easier or any less. In fact It’s expected of me to do 3-4 hours work outside of lesson time for each of my three subjects and the work isn’t always set by the teacher but you still need to do extra work to stay on top of things with your subjects.

I suggest that you use some time in your free periods to do work, this may seem unfair since they are called ‘free’ periods but it will give you more time to relax and do whatever you want to do in the evenings. Also if you are struggling with an assignment, its best to talk to your subject teacher since you can’t learn what you don’t understand.


Number two: More responsibility

In high school you had detentions if you didn’t do your homework or you bunked a lesson,In college you don’t (Yay!) and your teachers aren’t constantly telling you what to do, you don’t have to do the work if you don’t want to (Yay!) but if you don’t do your work and you don’t attend your lessons without good reason you’ll probably get kicked out (Oh…)

Yep that’s how it goes, at college you’re expected to be able to take responsibility for doing your work and getting yourself to lesson, your teachers are not going to waste their time on you if you clearly aren’t willing to work. So my advice is be prepared to work or be prepared to leave.

Number three: Revision starts early

Its best to start revising for your exams at the beginning of the year, even though your proper exams may not be until May or June, mocks will be held throughout the year and these are not “just mock exams” they are tests to see how well you are doing in your subject, to see if you need any extra help. Mock exams are taken seriously at college, I remember failing one of my mock exams last year and my teacher sent a concern letter to my mum and extra support time for that subject was arranged for me (not fun).

Also over the year the work can really pile up, especially if you take more than one subject, this will mean that you’re constantly busy cramming in loads of revision a month or so before the exams (believe me that is stressful as stress can get) So my advice is to start revising in September, even if it just means spending 10 minutes reading over your notes, it will help.


Anyway, I hope this information will be of some use to you, that’s all from me today.












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