College Survival Guide: Making Friends

As part of my Journalism course I have to create a leaflet giving advice to first year college students on things to do with college. I thought I may as well blog the information as well so, here it goes, Part one: Making friends.


Since there is a chance not all of your high school friends will be attending the same college as you, you’ll probably want to make some new ones. Consider making friends with some of the people in your classes, you already have the subject/s you’ve chosen in common so you can discuss the work and, perhaps, work together on some assignments.

There are probably many clubs you can join in your college where you can meet people with similar interests to you. I’ve met some of my current closest friends in a club outside of my lessons.

The best thing to do when making friends is to be nice, smile at people you make eye contact with (not by staring at them, of course) I often start conversations with people in my class by asking them how they are doing with the work and how they are doing in their other subjects, It shows you care and that you are a nice person.

Be aware that some friendships may not last very long. I had a friend in my biology class whom I spent some of my breaks with but then she quit the subject and, although we did keep talking for a while, by the end of the first term we weren’t talking anymore but that’s okay, sometimes friendships don’t work out for various reasons, you just have to keep interacting with people to see who you’re better friends with.

One last thing, sometimes friendships can take a while to build up, I met two of my current closest friends last year and we barely spoke at first but over time our friendship developed and now, like I said, they are two of my closest friends. So just be patient 🙂

I hope this was helpful, that’s all from me today.











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